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AGX Shutters - Premium Modular Kitchen Designs

AFX Laminate - A highly matte, zero reflection surface that is completely resistant to fingerprints and chemicals. Be it horizontal or vertical, this laminate has benefits of being hydro-repellant and scratch resistance also makes it easy to maintain.

AGX 7001.jpg

AGX 7001

AGX 7002.jpg

AGX 7002

AGX 7004.jpg

AGX 7004


Ceramic one

AGX 7006.jpg

AGX 7006

AGX 7007.jpg

AGX 7007

AGX 7009.jpg

AGX 7009

AGX 7010.jpg

AGX 7010

AGX 7011.jpg

AGX 7011

AGX 7012.jpg

AGX 7012

AGX 7013.jpg

AGX 7013

AGX 7014.jpg

AGX 7014

AGX 7015.jpg

AGX 7015

AGX 7016.jpg

AGX 7016

Let's design your dream
Modular Kitchen together

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